Election Results

and by each precinct

Thank You!

And congratulations to Dave Rogers!

The votes are in, and the voters are sending Dave Rogers to Beacon Hill. Congratulations, Dave, on a race well run.

I would like to thank the tremendous support that so many of you have given to me and to my open, innovative campaign. You have lifted me in so many ways over the course of the last five months. I will always treasure the memories of this campaign.

And congratulations to Tomi Olson, Margaret Hegarty, and Bobby Reardon for running fine races as well. I have a new appreciation for what it takes to put one's name on a ballot, and each of these competitors deserves the thanks and respect of the voters of Middlesex's 24th district.

Campaign Archive

For those interested in some of the pages from the campaign itself, here are some links:

Lessons Learned:   This was my personal narrative. I heard more positive comments about this page than any other on the site.

Why an Independent?:   An early page to motivate the campaign as a political independent.

About Jim Gammill:   Basic resume information.

Issues home page:   The links to specific issue pages appeared here.

My approach to the issues:   A short statement of my style and objectives.

Serving you as State Rep:   The four key jobs of a State Representative and how I'll approach them.

The budget:   An overview of the state budget, the single most important piece of legislation year in and year out.

Health care financing:  Comments on the good and not-so-good parts of the recent health care financing legislation.

Common concerns:  Comments on local aid, transportation funding, Minuteman Vocational School, and state and federal mandates.

Hot topics from the campaign trail:  My two cents on several issues that come up repeatedly on the campaign trail.

Facebook page:  This is still up for now.

(I have left out the links to the supporters page and the various sign-up and contributions pages. By the end of the campaign we had about 200 supporters listed, considerably more than those listed on the two other candidates' sites.)

(For more information about the campaign, particularly for those of you who are thinking of running for office yourselves, contact me for comments and suggestions -- I'm always happy to offer my thoughts about what worked and what didn't.)