How I Think, What I Think

When you elect a state rep, you are selecting someone to handle a wide range of assignments for you. The broad scope and pace of the job is predictable -- constituent service, a cycle of budget work each year, oversight of key government initiatives -- but some of the specific challenges that will arise will be surprises. We just don't know in advance how events will play out and what will be an urgent matter. We do know that we need a creative and practical problem solver when a new challenge pops up.

This section will grow throughout the campaign. Use these links on the right to learn more about...

My approach to the issues:   A short statement of my style and objectives.

Serving you as State Rep:   The four key jobs of a State Representative and how I'll approach them.

The budget:   An overview of the state budget, the single most important piece of legislation year in and year out.

Health care financing:  Comments on the good and not-so-good parts of the recent health care financing legislation.

Common concerns:  Comments on local aid, transportation funding, Minuteman Vocational School, and state and federal mandates.

Hot topics from the campaign trail:  My two cents on several issues that come up repeatedly on the campaign trail.